Your Library This Week

Miss Christodoulou has been out and about with the camera to see what you’ve all been up to. Organising our studies using Show My Homework  Choosing the books we want to read for our BFL Reading Report. Reading the latest magazines. Completing our homework. Chess #stressful

The Reading Cloud Comes To Marriotts

Next week your English teacher is going to give you a login for The Reading Cloud. What is it? It’s your virtual library and reading social media app all in one! What can I use it for? You can… Search, reserve or download resources from your school library and across the Reading Cloud • Chat…

2016 Reading Challenge

Well done to those of you who have signed up for this year’s challenge.  Remember you don’t have to work alone; you could team up with a sibling, parent or friend. We’ve had a few bookworms who’ve already managed to tick off three quarters. If that’s you, why not try this out?

Stuck on a Word

I remember the first university text books I had to read, I thought my head was going to explode; I had to read most pages twice! There will always be words you can’t read. There’s no such thing as a bad reader, reading is like taking your brain to the gym: painful at first but…