The Beginning and The End, by Heather Moss

First she left us for the rolling fields of York, today she’s off to University. Before she went, she left Marriotts one last literary gem. We’re wishing Heather all the best and look forward to lots of uni and creative writing updates.




It’s a little like falling
And a little like floating
One moment belonging
The next all alone
Our only company is our memories
Our only comfort the promise of more
Of meeting in the future
In a coffee shop or bar
Coincidence or planned
We will take a seat and reminisce
Remember the smiles
Not forgetting the tears
Laughing at the petty fights
Wondering at how different life would be
If you had never shared the same lunch table
Or discovered a common interest
Then you will smile and part
Knowing you are friends still
Although years pass and faces fade
The memories of the past linger on
Like the pages of a book
All things must end
But we must not forget
Hold on, think back, remember
And smile.

Because nothing truly ends.

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